The Otay Mesa Cross Border Terminal was Approved

This terminal would allow people be dropped off on the U.S. side of the bridge and allow them to check-in and go through the proper security channels and then walk through a bridge crossing the boarder to catch their flight out of Tijuana’s Rodriguez International Airport. The purpose of the bridge would be to not only be to save travelers time by not having to cross the boarder in their car but the bridge is also projected to stimulate the Otay Mesa region economically and reduce the overall amount of money lost in regular boarder waits. Another benefit for San Diegans is have easier access to the Tijuana airport would also give San Diegans access to larger range of international flights. Once completed these bridge will be the first international bridge that links the U.S. and Mexico that was developed and operated by a single private sector entity. The project is projected to cost around 78,000,000 and has been in the process of getting approved for almost 10 years now.

Overall the approval of the bridge means that there will be much less of having to sit in this:
boarder crossing

When you can just park or be dropped off at something like this:
Cross Border Terminal

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