Beaches Among Cleanest in California!

Beaches Among Cleanest in California!
San Diego Beaches Among Cleanest in California!

As the weather gets colder, most people start to think about going someplace warmer. A place with an abundance of beaches. Going to the beach, however, can mean that you are not going to know whether it is clean. San Diego beaches, though, have been added to the list of the cleanest beaches!

San Diego’s Homes to the Cleanest Beaches
There shouldn’t be anywhere else that you would like to go to when you want to go to a beach to take the standard splash into the ocean. One that is less that clean even. That is why San Diego is the home to the cleanest beaches. There really is no guess work. There is an organization, Heal the Bay, which actively looks into how the quality of the water looks, along with the shoreline. What the organization found shouldn’t be much of a surprise. San Diego really was clean. There was not a speck of any dangerous hazards that may have been caused by bacteria. According to Heal the Bay, San Diego received top marks when they were compared to other beaches going through the same examination!

Nearby Beach Attractions
While you are visiting San Diego, there really is so much you can do. If you do not want to go take a swim of course. If you are out in the ocean swimming when the weather turns out to ruining your day, you could always continue to feel the breeze coming off the ocean while you shop. That is the one benefit to having the Seaport Village sitting right on the beachfront. There are dozens of shops that would be delighted to have you enter. Even if they don’t pique your interest at first.

If you happen to have younger children with you, perhaps a quick trip inland may help? There is the San Diego Zoo, which is wide known. There are dozens of animals for the young ones to see. If you are lucky, you may be able to catch sight of the babies of the various animals.

If you don’t think that the Zoo is for you, you could always head on over to the Safari Park as well. You will be able to better see the animals in their natural habitat, rather than in the ones that the Zoo provides.

Finally, there is Belmont Park. This is a place where even the best of adults can pretend like they are children again. There are various amounts of carnival rides, to which you can ride. Though, there may be certain restrictions as well. Next, there are plenty of fun stores to go in and shop with. Just in case you want to take a break from all the riding of the carnival rides. Lastly and as we all know that we can’t go a full day without eating, even if it is at an amusement park, you will notice that restaurants are all strategically placed.

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